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VP16256 Programmable FIR Filter Mitel
Mitel Networks Mitel
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The VP16256 contains sixteen multiplier - accumulators, which can be multi cycled to provide from 16 to 128 stages of digital filtering. Input data and coefficients are both represented by 16-bit two’s complement numbers with coefficients converted internally to 12 bits and the results being accumulated up to 32 bits.

■ Sixteen MACs in a Single Device
■ Basic Mode is 16-Tap Filter at up to 40MHz Sample Rates
■ Programmable to give up to 128 Taps with Sampling Rates Proportionally Reducing to 5MHz
■ 16-bit Data and 32-bit Accumulators
■ Can be configured as One Long Filter or Two HalfLength Filters
■ Decimate-by-two Option will Double the Filter Length
■ Coefficients supplied from a Host System or a local EPROM
■ 208-Pin Plastic PowerQuad PQ2 Package

■ High Performance Commercial Digital Filters
■ Matrix Multiplication
■ Correlation
■ High Performance Adaptive Filtering


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