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TLSG210. Hoja de datos

Número de piezacomponentes DescripciónFabricante
TLSG210. Symbol LED in 2 x 5 mm Flat Tinted Top-Diffused Package Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
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This series was developed for use as compact surface display.
It is housed in a 2x5 mm rectangular molded package.
This device has a flat tinted, top diffused package for uniform brightness when used in panels.
The symbol LEDs are available in three bright colors: high efficiency red, yellow and green.
● Choice of three bright colors
● Uniform illumination
● Luminous intensity selected into groups
● Suitable for DC and pulse operation
● Flat light emitting surface
● Direct symbol indication is possible
● Yellow and green color categorized
● Wide viewing angle
    Status lights
    Background illumination
    Maintenance lights
    Indicator of audio and visual equipment
    Off / On indicator
    Readout lights
    Legend lights
    Illumination of moving boards

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