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LM137HVH 3-Terminal Adjustable Negative Regulators (High Voltage) Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
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The LM137HV is an adjustable 3-terminal negative voltage regulator capable of supplying in excess of −1.5A over an output voltage range of −47V to −1.2V. This regulators is exceptionally easy to apply, requiring only 2 external resistors to set the output voltage and 1 output capacitor for frequency compensation. The circuit design has been optimized for excellent regulation and low thermal transients. Further, the LM137HV features internal current limiting, thermal shutdown and safe-area compensation, making them virtually blowout-proof against overloads.

• Output Voltage Adjustable from −47V to −1.2V
• 1.5A Output Current Specified, −55°C ≤ TJ ≤
• Line Regulation Typically 0.01%/V
• Load Regulation Typically 0.3%
• Excellent Thermal Regulation, 0.002%/W
• 77 dB Ripple Rejection
• Excellent Rejection of Thermal Transients
• 50 ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient
• Temperature-Independent Current Limit
• Internal Thermal Overload Protection
• Standard 3-Lead Transistor Package
• Output Short Circuit Protected

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