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0039000095 Hoja de datos

Número de piezacomponentes DescripciónFabricante
0039000095 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit™ Crimp Terminal, Male, Brass, Gold (Au), 16 AWG, Reel MOLEX3
Molex Connectors MOLEX3
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Número de piezacomponentes DescripciónPDFFabricante
1720631311 Mega-Fit Crimp Terminal, Female, 0.75µm Gold (Au) Plating, 14 and 16 AWG, Reel Ver Molex Connectors
02-09-2116 2.36mm (.093") Diameter, Standard .093" Pin and Socket Crimp Terminal, Series 1380, Male, with Tin (Sn) Plated Brass Contact, 18-22 AWG, Reel Ver Molex Connectors
0008650116 3.96mm (.156") Pitch KK® Crimp Terminal 2578, 22-26 AWG, Reel, Phosphor Bronze Ver Molex Connectors
43810-0360 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit BMI™ Surface Mount Compatible Header, Dual Row, Right Angle, 18 Circuits Ver Molex Connectors
5569-04A3MS 4.20mm (.165) Pitch Mini-Fit Jr. Header Dual Row Right Angle Ver Molex Connectors
5569-02A2-210 4.20mm (.165) Pitch Mini-Fit Jr. Header Dual Row Right Angle Ver Molex Connectors
0986581213 MOX Crimp Terminal, Female, 0.635mm (.025"), 20-24 AWG (0.22-0.50mm²;), Reel, Tin (Sn) Ver Molex Connectors
0039014031 4.20mm (.165) Pitch Mini-Fit Jr Receptacle Housing / Dual Row / UL 94V-0 / 14 Circuits Ver Molex Connectors
0039012025 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit Jr.™ Receptacle Housing, Dual Row, UL 94V-0, 2 Circuits Ver Molex Connectors
0444761112 Mini-Fit HCS™ Crimp Terminal 44476, 18-20 AWG, Bag, Copper (Cu) Alloy, Tin (Sn) Ver Molex Connectors

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